Friday, May 26, 2006

Not such a good day

Okay, I finally found a 7 drawer plastic thingie on wheels for my stash. It works for everything but the *really* big pieces (3 yards & above). I put those in a bottom drawer of my dresser. Hopefully I won't forget about them.

I ordered a Stack and Whack book today off ebay. It looks really interesting and I like the kaleidescope effect. I even decided to redo my web site. Unfortunately, it looks like my registration expired during my depression and someone else took the .com. I don't know, maybe I'll spring for

As I was surfing around for some presentation ideas, I ran across a memorial page for a baby. Go figure -- sigh. Needless to say, I sat and cried for a good half hour. I'm starting to worry if this is normal or not. I'm not jumping off any bridges, but there are just some things that set me off on these uncontrollable crying jags. Not so often anymore, but often enough.

Good thing the Tart is coming by tomorrow. I need a "fix". I miss having her on Friday afternoons. Maybe it's time for a sleepover.

Anyway, maybe I'll try to work on the new project--Pinwheel preemie quilt. I should also start the potato salad for tomorrow. I am *not* excited.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stash Management Day

Okay, Mom decided she needed to mow the lawn instead of going out East. Oh well, R got a wild hair that he was going to organize his music room, so needless to say, I am organizing my stash today. I have got to figure out what to keep it in that I can a. see it, b. get to it and c. move it out of the way when I need to. Here's a picture of it at the moment. I was keeping things in the bags, but it's just not working. The plastic thingie is okay, but the fabric doesn't all fit and it's hard to get out of the way...I think a trip to Walmart is in order.

I also found out last night that I can't post to fan story. I upgraded my membership for some exhorbitant fee and now find that although I can review things, I cannot post any writing unless I pay another fee. What a friggin' ripoff.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Super Day

Had a great day at the party. Lots of fun and lots of kids. Poor Tart had a bad day -- yacked in the car and then didn't get a good nap and *then* almost had her poor little toes broken by a wayward chair.

Hope Tim likes the bubble bucket. Lord knows I have a ton of fun with Tart's!

Got home totally exhausted and found that Roger had gone out to Cheap Sam's and got two more lilac bushes for the hedge as well as a "bridal wreath" bush. He put the bridal wreath in the area behind the retaining wall (where I told him something would look good--didn't want to believe me, though) The new bushes look kind of strange next to the one that we put in last week. That one is tall and obviously had been trimmed to be tall and thin, and the new ones are short and squat.

Tonight I'm trying to rearrange my stash and clean up the sewing area. It's an abomination and we're having company next weekend. I think that SIL is staying. Now that I have K's quilt done, I have a little bit of time, although I'd like to get the sale quilt that's almost done up and on ebay. I put about 500 5 x 5 patches that I bought a couple of weeks ago back on the 'bay. I just have no use for most of them. I pulled out about 100 from the initial lot that I want, and hopefully can get rid of the rest without losing too much money.

Tomorrow I'm off to the eastern nurseries with MOm as her MD present. We have fun and now I'll have even more because I don't have to "hawk" around for white lilacs...:) LIFE IS GOOD!

P.S. I forgot how much fun it is to keep a diary

First Post - Katie's quilt done!!!!

This is the first post I've had the chance to do, only because I'm waiting for the outfit that I'm wearing to Katie's birthday party to dry...I've been piecing and quilting like a fiend. Somehow, it always seemed as though I had more time to finish this than I actually did. I finally pulled it out of the washing machine at 3 am and got up again at 7 to clip all of the threads. I hope I got them all. I'm exhausted, but at least having Cat in the car will make the trip to CT go that much faster. Also, if I totally fall out, I can always ask Cat to drive.

Buzzer just went off on the dryer -- gotta shower, hit K-Mart for a bubble bucket for Timmy and a gift bag and don't forget to wake up Roger...

See you soon! Here's a copy of the quilt and the detail.