Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finally Back and Princess Pics

I'm finally back! At least to typing. I still have to take it easy because I have such limited motion in my shoulder. Next doctor's appointment is 8/14. I'm actually not supposed to be typing or driving, but I just can't live that way any more! Hopefully by next week, I'll have enough strength to be able to cut some quilt kits for ebay.

Speaking of quilts, here's some pics of the infamous "Princess Quilt". I pieced it and Mom quilted it. Jules loved it, so it was worth all the work. Unfortunately, we didn't have a good space to photograph the whole thing, but the first two rows are repeated for 7 rows. We were a little worried about giving a 4 year old a basically white quilt, however, according to my sister-in-law, Jules is very careful of it.

I'm so happy I finally got the hang of the saw tooth stars!