Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Tart is 3

Hard to believe, but the Tart is three today. It seems like yesterday that holding her in the hospital made me realize, in all my grief for Beren, that I still like babies. Having her around has been such a blessing and at times, has saved my sanity. Thank goodness momma Cat understands and cuts me slack when I feel the "need" to kidnap her for some Aunt Chuckie therapy.

She was absolutely adorable tonight in her little princess tiara. She was in 7th Heaven that she had a Jack Skelington cake and got a Jack pillow from Aunt Kristen. Roger and I were both miserable with this cold/bronchitis thingie so we left basically right after the cake.

I'm going back to work now on the quilt top I started yesterday. I think I can finish up most of the blocks today. I should probably do work, but I'm really not up for it enough -- I'm afraid that because of the cold medication I'll make some mistake that I can't fix easily. At least with the quilt there's always the seam ripper!!!!

Anyway, Happy New Year to all. Hopefully I'll have some pics to post tomorrow.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Skulls, skulls and quilting...

I finished my first set of blocks for the new swap. The theme was skulls...Although I know which one I like best, it's hard to figure out what someone else would like... Oh well, they're all off in the mail tomorrow.